First Day at First Real Job

I started off asking people if they wanted to “Go King?” at Burger King every night when I was 15.  Then, three months later I was offered a job to do take-out at a restaurant.  Two years after that, I steamed and sold clothes on-call as a consultant at Metropark.  I spent the next two and a half years working in IT and office administration until I graduated from my university.  Today, I start my first day as a recent graduate doing Digital Solutions — one step closer to my dream of one day having an event, branding, and PR company.

What they say is very much true: if you continue to chase your dreams, you’ll find that any avenue will take you closer to it.  Sitting waiting will lead you nowhere at all.  You have to pay your dues and put in your time and eventually good things will follow.  You have to hold your head up high even when you hit road blocks or even if you fail at a couple projects.  The important thing is to just keep moving.  No one can rob you of your will; and at times, that will be the one thing to propel you forward when you fall flat on your face.  I am hungry for life, a hunger that can only be satisfied by accomplishments within my career path.

More updates to follow once I finish the day!

2 Replies to “First Day at First Real Job”

  1. I hope you had a great first day, Dustin! 😀

    You’re just full of positive energy and you give me hope. I’m dealing with things right now, but I believe everything will work out.

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